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The Sea and Cake -Sam Prekop

IMG_6856 by White Shroud Pictures
IMG_6856, a photo by White Shroud Pictures on Flickr.
Watching these guys play their new songs was just as exciting as seeing your favorite pop band in 6th grade. And knowing that the last time they came to town was 3 years ago, I couldn’t miss out on this chance to see this amazing performance. The beginning of the show started with Brokeback opening up and the second opening band was Adam’s Castle, outstanding in many ways, Adam’s Castle is an instrumental/electronic band.
There was a diverse crowd for this show, and I realized The Sea and Cake has been together for awhile now, 20 years, and I see a wide variety of age groups that come to like this pop/rock band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Their sound is unique and constructed in a very modern-jazzy type way.
The band was on hiatus from 2004 to 2007, returning with Everybody. Their 8th Studio Album, Car Alarm, was released in October 2008. Their most recent Studio Album,”The Moonlight Butterfly” was released on May 10, 2011.
Contrary to his multi-instrumentalist role in Tortoise, John McEntire essentially plays only drums in The Sea and Cake.Members Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt each have released solo albums. Sam Prekop has worked with Broken Social Scene with their latest record ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’. They started off their set with new songs from the album, “The Moonlight Butterfly”.