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TONIGHT: Black Friday at North End Studios

North End Studios

November 25, 2011 


This Black Friday, November 25, is the debut of a new collection of

work by Detroit artist Ivan Grass at the third floor gallery of North

End Studios. An established musician with a studio in the cavernous

building, this show shall be his first public exhibition of visual



At his desk in the Fortress, a re-appropriated industrial building

just beyond the shadow of the Fisher Tower, Ivan Grass has spent 2011

smearing paint around canvas. His work detached, and unreality

depicting strange abstractions of figures and life. Imbued with a

dreamlike quality, a hallucinogenic lucidity, patterns appear and

emerge from the surfaces. Surreal environments about with psychedelic

flourishes, Alice fell through the looking glass and landed in one of

Ivan's pieces.


The work has an intense and personal feel, but with the raw emotional

content filtered and construed through a technicolor lens. Color

choices are vibrant and bold. Chroma is confidently applied,

calculated yet playful brush strokes define ambiguous forms.


The opening is scheduled for 7 to 10PM. There is no admission cost,

refreshments and snacks will be provided for patrons. To schedule a

viewing contact . North End Studios is

located at 2937 E Grand Blvd Detroit MI 48212.