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Get back to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to check out Ruslan (with Stanley Clarke) - 11/03

Get back to the DSO and check out Ruslan,

pianist in the Stanley Clarke Band playing tomorrow night in Orchestra Hall

Ruslan Sirota's debut simply titled Ruslan displays the arrival of a talented sideman about to take the spotlight.

Sirota's story is one of amazement as be rose from a humble upbringing in the Ukraine, to travelling the world playing with some of the biggest names in jazz and pop music. Born in Uman, which is now within the Ukraine, Ruslan's musical heritage comes from a family rich with generations of musicians. He was exposed early in his youth to American Jazz and improvisation, and began to see music as a mission in itself, and a source of passion. At the age of ten, his family moved to Israel, where he continued his music studies. At 17, he crossed the globe via a prized scholarship to the Berklee School of Music, with personal assistance from legendary vibraphonist Gary Burton. After graduating in 2003, Sirota jumped right in, and started playing with the most prolific and legendary names in Jazz. He played on and wrote material for Stanley Clarke's The Toys of Men on the track "Jerusalem." and toured the world with Dennis Chambers, Marcus Miller, Seal and Brian McKnight. Ruslan is the first chapter in his rise as an artist defined but his own compositions and performances that he personally views as "quasi-spiritual experiences.