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Well what can you expect from a band that has been called 'stoner rock'. Exactly.You don’t know what to expect.They warm you up to a few well known songs that you can't help but to sing along to and after every song they keep you laughing on your toes to old stories that they once told. When I looked around the show, I saw more people smiling than ones that were just standing silently, in the zone, and ready to hear Sebadoh tunes. What made the show even funnier to see was the lack of girls that showed up with their boyfriends. Mainly guys banging their heads to the loud and catchy lyrics of Jason Lowenstein and the hard hitting bass strings of Lou Barlow. Not only did you get a comical show, you also get to count how many times Lou and Jason switched on the bass from the guitar. Then you stand there thinking, is Lou better than Jason at guitar? Who sounds better? Or is Jason better than Lou at bass? Then you stand there a little longer and realize it doesn't matter because it all sounds good, and you keep stomping your feet and rocking back and forth to the music. I did for awhile.

They were joined on stage with the ever so great, BOB! Bob D'amico. Who has toured with the Fiery Furnaces. During the 1-2 minute set ups and switching, all you could hear in the crowd were yells of "Oh BOB!" in the audience. And things being yelled out like "Sebadi!" and "You ROCK Sebadoh!"

These guys have been around for a long time, and they could tell you some stories, but they leave all that up for the show while they unwind with great classics like 'Skull', and great tunes from 'Harmacy' for you to enjoy and dance to.

Video of the interview with Bob and Lou will be coming shortly! Feel free to watch this awesome music video.