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Girl in a Coma @ The Magic Stick

There must be something in the water in Texas. For most of my life, bands from Texas have held sway over me. Girl in a Coma is no different.
When I got this assignment, I did some research and liked what I heard. It's got the punk sound. It's got the Texas sound too. It's got some twang, Telecaster hanging low. That sound you really can't put your finger on, but the southwest Texas sound was there. I had another show to go to, but as I was packing up, I heard a familiar riff. I finished packing up my gear as it played, paying it no mind.
As I threw my camera bag over my shoulder, it hit me. George Harrison's "As My Guitar Guitar Gentle Weeps." I was captured. It rang out true. How could I leave, NOW?
I stood there, enthralled, cursing that I had to leave. Wishing, that I could stay, to listen to the rest of the show. Hoping that this song wouldn't end, swaying to the music, cursing that my friend was releasing his cd tonight. Thinking of the time when, Girl in a Coma, would return.

You owe it to yourself to see, Girl in a Coma, when they come back to Detroit or a town near you.
Here are some photos from the show.