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Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Is it just me or is losing weight a terrible thing to have to do after a certain age. When I moved back to Rochester I was hitting about 250 lbs and since then it has been a roller coaster ride that I seem to be losing. I was down to 238 about a month ago but a few bad choices and back to 250. I hate that the increases can be so fast. Lose a pound, lose a pound, lose a pound, gain three. It just sucks. I really need to ramp this up a notch if I'm going to get under 230 esp after having the doctor tell me my sugar is high. but not that bad yet if I get on top of it. makes you envious of the past ages when stuff like diabetes was essentially unknown. Then again, people only lived to 40 or what not and I'd like to be around hanging out at concert venues til I'm 100 or there abouts.

Mainly I have been hanging out at the Eastman School of Music which is part of my problem. Some of the recitals do have food and it's all sweets and I just cannot turn them down. Luckily I don't buy them from the stores and just eat junk food at moments like that. I just need more self control (or get more exercise). Getting ready to hit a Symphony tonight after doing a number of recitals, a couple of classical music groups and the opera "Orlando" (which was incredible despite getting lost in the halls afterwards).

I think I did find a potential hobby after I retire though. I went to the Assisi Foundation here in Rochester to check out Toothpick World, a display of famous buildings around the world done in 1:164 scale and made entirely out of toothpicks. He has about 50 models on display there until April (so feel free to drop on by if passing through) accounting for over 3 million toothpicks, 25 million gallons of glue and 6 years of hard work. I think it would take me 6 years to do just one. You got to admire the dedication to do something like that and have it come out so cool. here are a few pictures for those who are not familiar with his work.

Toothpick World - Wat Arum photo 100_6755_zps7877a582.jpg

Toothpick World - Notre Dame photo 100_6753_zpsd66027e8.jpg

Toothpick World - Space Needle & Borobodur photo 100_6719_zpsf9e2cbd3.jpg

Toothpick World - Angor Wat photo 100_6746_zps2f56b7ec.jpg

Toothpick World - Golden Pavilion photo 100_6742_zpsb1987404.jpg

I just wished my picture of Yankee Stadium came out better. Anyway, for those looking for something to do concert wise, here are a few choices, esp that Yo La Tengo (with a video off new album) show at the Michigan Theatre:

Wednesday (2/06) – Duende! @ Loving Touch (Ferndale)

Friday (2/08) – Yo La Tengo @ Michigan Theatre (Ann Arbor), Candlebox @ St Andrews Hall

Saturday (2/09) – Lightning Love @ PJ’s Lager House, "Blues At The Crossroads Festival" feat Fabulous Thunderbirds and Tinsley Ellis @ Michigan Theatre (Ann Arbor), Sponge @ The Ritz (Warren), Los Lobos @ La-Z-Boy Center at Meyer Theatre (Monroe), Thornetta Davis @ Filippa’s Wine Barrel (Utica)