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Axis Mundi Fest 2013 TONIGHT + TOMMORROW!

Greetings Commrades,


That's right, it's time for AXIS MUNDI FEST 2013!

Tonight CDCC new blood The Dirty Tongues are opening up the festival (being held at Northend Studios) tonight at 8:30.

A whole array of the best acts in Detroit follow up.

In addition to that, there will be spoken word, comedy, and a visual art gallery as well.

DandyLyon Whine will be rockin' it out tomorrow night (Saturday) at 12:15.

They are straight off a recording session and have a new tune to debut so we hope to see you all there.

Also, please help us live tweet the event with the tag #axismundifest.

We really want to get some good pics of the show and all of you enjoying the festival.

The festival will be held at NorthEnd Studios, 5101 Loraine in Detroit. On April 12th and 13th at North End Studios, Axis Mundi Fest 2013 will be taking place. This is a collaborative effort featuring 15 musical acts, 12 visual artists, and 5 verbal artists (spoken, comedy, or otherwise). The Axis Mundi Collective are 5 DIY music labels and a small handful of other artists and musicians, with plenty of overlap amongst them, in the midst of a conversation about how to get our ideas out into the universe. This is not a tight-knit group with a world-changing manifesto, just a bunch of friends & friends of friends trying to find out places in the world, asking each other for some help. Some of us are here for success, some redemption, some because this is just the kind of thing we do, and some because someone asked us to be here. All we can do is be ourselves and use that to better ourselves. We communicate & collaborate because that is the only way we can get where we need to be.

We've put together this event as a way to connect some of the people we know who don't know each other, and try and connect with other people. There are many aspects to being an active musician, artist, or any other creative effort. When you start working on those, you continuously find things you don't know how to do, and you can usually find someone else that does. Working together helps us understand all the aspects of functioning in world without a instruction booklet. What we share with each other makes us stronger as individuals and as a community. We invite you to come along and take part, make a joyous noise and remember what it feels like to experience something that you haven't before.

Friday April 12th & Saturday April 13th
North End Studios
5101 Loraine, Detroit, MI
Doors at 8:00pm, Show at 8:30 - 21+
$8 for one night, $12 for a wristband for both nights

Band Room Line-Up:

Friday April 12th:

830 - The Dirty Tongues
915 - Future Slang
1000 - Sea Turtle Restoration Project
1045 - The Anonymous
1130 - Coleman Youngbloods
1215 - The Oscillating Fan Club
100 - Pupils

Saturday April 13th:

830 - Tala
915 - Whodat
1000 - Jura
1045 - Adam Pierce
1130 - Superbomb
1215 - Dandylyon Whine
100 - Pewter Cub

Robin Veresh: Live Projections

Art Room Line-Up:

Spoken Performances by:

Burns - 9:30 Friday & Saturday
Carmen Maria - 10:30 Friday & Saturday
Lianna Lebertine - 11:30 Friday & Saturday
Phreddy Wischusen - 12:30 Friday
Tom Budday - 12:30 Saturday

Live DJ performance sets by Lt.baD all evening

With Visual Art by:

Alana Carlson
Beth Amber
Katherine Craig(Splash Murals)
Chris Kennington
Chris Zagacki
Kirill Slavin
Kyle McBee
Lianne Schultz
Liz Kennington
Mike Ross
Natasha Beste from Gold House
Tre Puttane