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Run or Dye is Coming to Detroit this Summer - Pre Register Now!

Run or Dye is a fun filled color blasted 5K brought to you by BaseCamp Events! Have fun getting fit while leaving the race looking like a rainbow!

Run or Dye - Anyone and everyone is welcome to come Dye with us!  We have been fondly called Walk or Dye by the National Association of Mall Walkers (Hehehe) and we are called Dance or Dye by the World Dance in Color Federation of Fun Dancers. Basically this event is for YOU!  Coming to Detroit this Summer!
What do I wear?
Showing off your color will work with just about ANYTHING you wear. We recommend the brightest white or light grey to show off ALL the colors... but don't let that discourage you from going crazy with the sauciest accent colors imaginable. You are your very own canvas - so be adventurous! Create costumes with your friends to wow even yourselves! (Wear the the brightest colors (bright light fluorescent yellow, green, pink or blue - but remember if you wear bright blue the blue from the event won't show on those articles of clothing.)
What does Run or Dye do for Charity? 
Quite a bit, actually - but there is ALWAYS more to be done to support the many good causes in the Run or Dye cites. Every Run or Dye event works closely with a local charity to ensure that the good they do can keep going in your community. If you'd like to recommend a charity in one of the cities we run in, do so on the CONTACT US page!

Pre-Register NOW to be the first to hear all the details -- as well as get a chance to claim THE BEST DEAL all season (a deal ONLY made available through pre-reg)!!