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Show Preview: Showtek-Milk'n'Cookies, Elektricity, Friday Apr. 19

This Friday comes two electronic acts to Elektricity that boldly go to the depths of trance and dance. Showtek, Dutch brothers,Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen, pay hard EDM music. Their live presence features one brother storming the stage presenting the music and hyping the crowd while the other brother puts down the rhythms. They've been making music for over 12 years and have continually refined and reshaped their music to match what EDM fans are looking for. With an endless supply of tracks released each month their most recent release includes "Crunk" and "Slow Down" on Dim Mak Records.
Supporting Showtek and back again for more mischief are Chicago's Milk'n'Cookies, another act comprised of brothers that play dance music for frenzied two-steppers. When they perform they toss their DJ chores back and forth like a hot potato then join in together sharing the controls and heightening the moment. They recently played Miami and have been playing relentlessly since the start of the year. You can download their excellent track "Ghosts" from their Soundcloud page.
I've talked with both acts and they are supremely cool guys that love what they are doing and can't wait to share new music with their fans.

This post by Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media