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The Stone Foxes at Callahan's Music Hall 04/18/2013

"They don’t smoke pot. They don’t stay up all that late, since they like to run in the morning. Do they drink? Hell, yes! But not to excess. If you’re looking to be a groupie, but don’t want it to interfere with your career or personal life, the Stone Foxes are an excellent choice."

This opening line from their biography pretty much sums up the energy and dedication that The Stone Foxes take in putting on a good show. Opening for the Hadden Sayers Band on a recent stop at Callahan's Music Hall in Auburn Hills, MI last week, they were warmly received by more than a few people in the audience, some who have been following the band from Ohio, traveling to Pennsylvania to see them in recent nights before traveling to Michigan to see them yet again. A dynamic, gritty, bluesy rock styled band that feeds off each other, their exuberant energy on stage is that of a well rehearsed, hungry group, eager to please the fans with their catchy lyrics, tight licks, funky chops and pulling out all the stops to give the crowd 110%. This is one of those shows you take an unsuspecting date to and end up on the dance floor grooving along to each other lost in the passion of good music, good times, good tunes.

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