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FREE SLURPEES: 7-11 Slurpee Truck giving away free Slurpees to Detroiters on Tuesday 4/16 in Cadillac Square

7-Eleven’s Slurpee® Truck rolls into the Motor City for a special visit to the Slurpee capital of the USA

FREE Slurpee Drinks on Tuesday, April 16, in Cadillac Square

           Detroit is the Slurpee® capital of the USA, and 7-Eleven, Inc. hopes to return to the city to make Slurpee drinks both regular and the sugar-free Slurpee Lite™ available to Detroiters all the time.  In anticipation of a new permanent home in the Motor City, 7-Eleven, Inc.’s Slurpee Truck will make a special visit to Detroit on Tuesday, April 16, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. with FREE Slurpee beverages at 13 Cadillac Square (corner of Woodward Avenue and Cadillac Square).

            Detroit is making a comeback and with several proposed downtown store locations, 7-Eleven wants to be part of the new Detroit’s downtown central business district as well as in neighborhoods such as Mexican Town, the Fashion District, Harbortown and the lower east side.

            In addition to bringing food and fill-in shopping to the area, 7-Eleven’s Detroit presence will also provide business opportunities as the new stores become available to franchise. Additionally, the company’s  Business Conversion Program (BCP) offers existing independent operators of gas stations, convenience, liquor and small grocery operations the chance to re-brand their business as a 7-Eleven store and benefit from the company’s products, services and systems.

            7-Eleven is a local, national and international brand that commits to the communities in which it does business. 7-Eleven gives local community members opportunities to be successful business people through its franchise program, while also making a positive impact on the community through its charitable programs.

            Introduced last summer, Slurpee Lite™, promises all of the flavor of a traditional Slurpee® drink with 50 percent fewer calories. It is the first Slurpee-branded, sugar-free frozen beverage to be available at participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide.