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Show Review: Disclosure, Erno the Inferno St. Andrews Friday, Apr. 12

You could have been freezing your ass off at Kendrick Lamar at Meadow Brook last night or you could have been shaking it at St. Andrews Hall. UK’s Disclosure played to a nicely attended show giving the crowd a night of good vibes and excellent dance music.  The night started with Erno the Inferno who played more than an hour’s worth of smooth house and techno while the crowd milled in.

Erno the Inferno

Disclosure took the stage around 11:30pm and for a new duo that doesn’t even have a full length record out yet they already have fanbase here in Detroit that loves them. I mentioned in my preview to the show that Disclosure are young but seeing these fresh-faced kids on stage made me wonder where they developed their sense of good electronic dance music. They started their set with a track that one of the brother’s actually really sang the entire track. From there they played a set filled with tracks that were more about the grooves than the depths of the bass. While their light show was a minimal affair, it gave the crowd the chance to focus more on the music and the brothers who made good use of the drums and bass they brought along for the show. They wrapped up the show close to 1am with an encore that explored the beauty of their music with two songs graced by female vocals.


 This post by Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media