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Show Preview: Disclosure at St. Andrews Hall Friday, April 12

In addition to all the regularly scheduled electronic shows this Friday at Grasshopper, Bleu and Elektricity, St. Andrews Hall has the electronic duo Disclosure performing. Disclosure who are brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence from the UK offer something different than the usual show of bright lights and DJ Dance. The brothers grew up playing drum and bass and I’m not talking about the music genre, actual drums with sticks and bass guitar. You will still find them bringing these instruments out when they play as well as their synths and other sorted DJ equipment.
In the heyday of their youth with each of the brothers in their early 20’s, the songs they have released so far sport quite a bit of diversity from track to track with some smooth dance songs to house tracks that bubble and hiss.  Along with their processed female vocals, similar the Moby shows of yesteryear, they will sing along and give shout outs to their crowd. Imagine the depraved and glorious experience of being young and playing in a foreign country, city to city, as the definition of Disclosure's sound and you might capture what they hold in store for Detroit. Our local burner, Erno the Inferno is kicking the night off so be sure to show up early.

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