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Show Preview: Purity Ring and Blue Hawaii at Pike Room Sat. May 4

Saturday brings 2 uniquely similar and beautiful bands to Pike Room when Purity Ring and Blue Hawaii take to the stage. Let's start with what the bands share in common: both are from Canada and are young male-female duos. Both also have female vocalists with vocals that soar and haunt.

Purity Ring from Edmonton is Megan and Corin's sticky, synth band that take dream pop and drop it in a shaker with rattles and pops. What pours out is emotional pop on a tight-rope that is balanced by Megan's angelic vocals. Their latest release is the Soulja Boy cover of "Grammy" and comes as a surprise as stronger hip hop vibes and rap turn playful and dangerous.

Blue Hawaii, which has nothing to do with Elvis hails, from Montreal is Ra- and AG- who put together a spacious blend of acoustics and samples into meditative songs that can also tug at the heart. Their full length "Untogether" features 11 songs that carry along a fragile path of soft melodies and Ra- flowing vocals acting as your guide.