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Teddy Geiger @ Pike Room

Opening for Teddy Geiger was Michigan local Olivia Millerschin. Olivia is a very cute girl with a tremendous talent! Olivia had this amazing voice, the kind of voice that just never gets old. Throughout the show Olivia showed the crowd her personality and how funny and cheese she can be through her songs. She sang about her teen life, boys, break ups, herself... but most of the songs were about food!
Coming out to almost 100 screaming girls, Teddy Geiger was welcomed back to Detroit  Making music for the first time in almost five years Teddy Geiger showed his fans a sneak peek of what is to come at his show when he played a few new songs. Teddy seemed very happy he was playing us new music. He was also very happy to support some local music by wearing the opening bands Olivia Millerschin t-shirt.