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PHOTOS AND REVIEW: Autorama 2013

by paulhitz & nicky flash

Autorama 2013-22
The Detroit Autorama…The World’s Greatest Hod Rod Show huh? I wasn’t sure what I would see at this event.  I guess I expected unnecessary amounts of camo-clad dudes, testosterone, and oversized cans of light beer.  I was not disappointed.  Yet as I wandered around the crowded floor of Cobo I was inadvertently met with intricate conversation regarding grills, rims, and something awesome called horsepower.   Owners proudly wiped their “babies” down with cloth diapers, accentuating the already pristine shine that clearly reflected my awe.  These cars were not of the variety I see driving down I-75 on my way to work.  Some looked like Transformers.  Others were painted spastic colors you can’t even begin to imagine.  One sedan had the interior of an old school rap video, complete with velvet seating, velvet dash, and gold chain link steering wheel.  
I have been to the NAIAS before and this is not that.  In fact if I dare say so, the Detroit Auto Show is bland in comparison.  At the Autorama there are no rules so to speak.  There is no engineer looking over the owner’s shoulder saying his car is not street worthy.  There are no lawyers telling them about the legion of lawsuits coming their way because the ride is one inch off the ground or the engine completely blocks the driver’s view.  The result of this fantastic passion and imagination is a circus of color and eye candy that even the most unenthused show goer will talk about for months.