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Get Ready for The Muggs Live at The Magic Bag 4/26

Tonight The Muggs hit the Magic Bag stage in Ferndale to celebrate the highly anticipated release of their new LIVE full length album FULL TILT.

Tickets: $10 . Advance tickets available.

Age: 18 + Welcome

Time: Doors at 8pm.

WSG: The Steepwater Band & Chicago and local country singwriting starlet Katie Grace

Magic Bag 22920 Woodward Ave Ferndale, MI 48220
(248) 544-3030

The 4th release from the self proclaimed ugliest band in the world is styled as a band branded pinball machine in its double disc packaging, unfolding top to bottom rather than right to left.

The live recording was taken from a Cadieux Cafe show in Detroit, aimed and successful at capturing true Muggs style rock showcasing. Selections from the previous 3 studio albums plus Muggs favorites including The Beatles, a few tunes by Rory Gallagher and 'How do you sleep?' by John Lennon.

Listening to the almost 2 hours of songs, cheers and elated hosting, the recording drops you directly in the best seat in the house. It's warm, loud and heavy.