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FREE VINYL FRIDAY: Jessica Lea Mayfield - Founders - Sunday 9/28/14

Hey happy Friday to ya....we got our hands on a couple of sexy 7" vinyls from Jessica Lea Mayfield who is in town Sunday playing a FREE show over at Founders Taproom in Grand Rapids

email for your chance to win some cool wax


Jessica Lea Mayfield To Release
"Standing In The Sun" 7" 
This Fall

 There's a chance Jessica Lea Mayfield may never have recorded her newest record, Make My Head Sing... if it wasn't for Satan.

"I bought this baritone guitar (her name is Barry) at the Guitar Emporium in Louisville, Kentucky, and it's this black glitter sparkle Gretsch," Jessica explained. "It's what got me into making another record and obsessed with playing ... I found that guitar and I was like, 'This is a sign from Satan to buy this guitar' and I started playing guitar more."
It is this same guitar that is featured in Jessica's new dark, confetti-filled video for "No Fun" (directed by Joshua Shoemaker) which you can watch courtesy of Stereogum HERE. The track will also be featured on Jessica's new "Standing in the Sun" 7", to be released this fall (art below).
Satan aside, Jessica Lea Mayfield's music has gained widespread acclaim for singing delicate confessions about love, heartbreak, and contradictory emotions in a way that captivates listeners and enchants critics. Whether she was heartbroken, or breaking hearts, Mayfield's acoustic strumming and laid back demeanor have remained consistent since her earliest recordings.
But on Make My Head Sing..., Jessica takes on distorted guitar tones, crashing drums, and heavy riffs that would more likely evoke a comparison to her idols of the early 90's, than any modern day artist. It finds Jessica in a place where she is ready to take control of her music, and elevate her reputation from folk songstress to rock star.