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THIS THURS: Nerd Nite Detroit Back to School Special @ Tangent

Nerd Nite Detroit
Thursday, September 25, 2014
 @ 6.30pm

Tangent Gallery

Maybe you're headed back to school, maybe you're not. But join us anyway for a fun line-up of speakers along with our usual food and booze!

We're happy to introduce Bill Warters as a speaker. He'll be presenting a talk called "Working with and Learning From Conflict: Tales from the Field." Bill has been studying and intervening in and teaching about conflict all his adult life. In this presentation he will share a few illustrative and sometimes humorous stories from the field. Along the way we’ll review some key concepts related to conflict, community-building and the development of local cultures of dispute resolution. Bill will draw on his social ecology and urban ethnography and symbolic interactionist training to Nerd things up a bit. 

Our second presenter is Cranbrook geologist John Zawiskie who will take us for an exploration of the major types of meteorites, what they tell us about the early history and origin of the solar system, and some effects of asteroid impacts on the Earth. Meteorites and impact glass from the Cranbrook Institute of Science collections will be on display and available for direct examination. An engaging activity meteorite or meteorwrong will allow us “nerds” to take a hand at identifying meteorites from unknown samples before and after the presentation. 

The third speaker info is forthcoming. Keep your eyes open!