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Indian Summer

Tomorrow at 2:00pm - 9:00pm
Corktown Studios
2707 14th St, Detroit, Michigan 48216

Indian Summer is a celebration of the waning summer featuring performances by 13 artists hailing from Detroit, New York, Chicago and Cincinnati.

Food will be provided for vegetarians and meat eaters alike by Upriver Local, featuring chef, Topher Anderson, a CTS member and chef at Seva Detroit. There will also be beer from Atwater Brewery and a gallery exhibit by screen print artist, Eric Oppitz.

Street Performance Schedule:

Jaye Thomas and Serene Arena (DET).....2:30-3:00pm
Hans A Wittrock (DET).....3:00-3:30pm
AllOne (NY).....4:00-4:30pm
Alexa Dexa (NY).....5:00-5:30pm
At Willoughby (DET).....6:00-6:30pm
Jimmy Geagan (DET).....7:00-7:30pm
Lions at the Gate (DET).....8:00-8:30pm

Stage Performance Schedule:

Chuck Le Bronco (DET).....3:30-4:00pm
The Philter (DET).....4:30-5:00pm
Rogue Satellites (DET).....5:30-6:00pm
Skeleton Hands (CIN).....6:30-7:00pm
The Red Plastic Buddha (CHI).....7:30-8:00pm
PALACES (DET).....8:30-9:00pm

Consolidated Performance Order
(both performance areas):

Jaye Thomas and Serene Arena

Hans Witrock

Chuck Le Bronco
[Detroit-bred fusion of hip hop, rock and electronic]

[experimental lyrical rap]

The Philter
[midwest surf-gaze]

Alexa Dexa
[electro-pop-tronic, toychestra]

Rogue Satellites

At Willoughby

Skeleton Hands
[darkwave, coldwave]

Jimmy Geagan

The Red Plastic Buddha
[psychedelic rock]

Lions at the Gate
[acoustic music with teeth]

[hypnotic rock]