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PHOTOS: Modern Love Showcase @ MOCAD Detroit

We Are All Machines and Nospectacle presented a very special label showcase and Detroit debut of Modern Love (Manchester UK) artists Demdike Stare and Andy Stott.  Both produce Dub Techno with traceable Detroit and Berlin inspirations, but beyond that, throw all definitions out the window.

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Demdike Stare's (Miles Whitaker and Sean Canty) sonic journeys head deep into Arabic, Turkish, Persian and North African traditions, take detours into black magic and Burroughsian cut-up techniques, before elevating into states of dark beauty.  Their records feature samples from psych-rock, free jazz and various library recordings.  In case you're wondering: Demdike was the most notorious of the Pendle coven of witches, put on trial in northern England in the 1600s. Yes, her.  Records you should own: Forest of Evil, Elemental, and their ongoing  Testpressing series, which explores a more rugged terrain in their sound production.  Check out their catalog of releases at -

Andy Stott combines Chicago influences (House, Footwork) and Detroitish dubs with Jungle and Warehouse techno styles in his live performances.  His records are experiments in tone, texture and tempo, and they groove.  The 2012 LP Luxury Problems is considered a masterpiece of multi-genre meditation, but the 2011 EPs We Stay Together and Passed Me By are just as great.  All make essential listening for serious electronic music fans.  See all of Stott's solo output at - 

Opening the show was Windsor's Christopher McNamara, performing original dub ambient and space disco productions and mixing live video. McNamara has played with the groups Nospectacle and Thinkbox at the Movement and MUTEK festivals, and was invited to perform at MUTEK as a solo artist for an all-Canadian showcase. He is a lecturer in film studies at the University of Michigan.