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Blue Snaggletooth - Club Garibaldi - 5/19/12

Ann Arbor’s Blue Snaggletooth performed at Club Garibaldi in Milwaukee on Saturday.  The band’s sound is a combination of Viking mythology and old school metal.  They refer to themselves as “a psychedelic, metal, Dungeons and Dragons rock band. “ Touring on the release of their debut album “Dimension Thule” (Arbco), Blue Snaggletooth hit the stage with an explosion starting with album opener “Swords of Atlantis”.  This was classic metal with big powerful riffs, heavy Sabbath guitar and head bobbing melody.  Others have compared them to Black Sabbath and Hawkwind, however I heard a little MC5 swagger, southern fried boogie, and just a touch of Masters of Reality stoner rock.  On “Insomnia” there was some Alice in Chains in the vocals; if Alice in Chains actually rocked.  They ended the show with album closer “Fireball Island”, named after singer Chris Taylor’s favorite board game.  This was a heavy, kick in the head song, with thunderous Motorhead grooves and a massive drum solo.  You could tell these guys really love this genre of music, performing, and playing.  Hopefully next time they come to Milwaukee, more people will get to experience Blue Snaggletooth.