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Boots Electric w/ Gram Rabbit and Black Marquee in Hollywood

This particular night was important to me as three bands that I love and support were playing at the world famous Viper Room on Sunset. -Yes, that one place owned by Johnny Depp where River Phoenix fucking died. I have a good long time buddy I've known for ages now who works as a bartender there and when he's not slinging your stiff Jack n Cokes and making fun of you, he's playing there on that very stage with his band. He's played there a million times with a handful of bands but this time he was opening up for Boots Electric. There were supposedly five bands on the bill that night but I missed the first one and NO ONE stayed for the last one. -By the way, who the FUCK plays AFTER Jesse Hughes? You know everyone is there for The Devil (sorry folks, I met him when he was fondly known as "The Devil" and he's still The Devil to me). Gram Rabbit, a really under-rated psych-rock band from Joshua Tree played second. I've always enjoyed their performances, personally. even while 100% sober which for whatever reason I was this night. -Not that you have to be under some kind of influence in order to dig their sound, but they usually do thrown down some visuals in some performances and for a few songs, have some dancers come out in costume donning a mask, and blowing bubbles. Yes, I'm serious. It's bad ass. They'll make it over to Detroit some day, I know they will, if they haven't already.

After Gram Rabbit, my good friend Skye Vaughn-Jayne played with his band, The Black Marquee. For those who are probably not very familiar with the band Bullets N Octane, Skye is an OG member of this Orange County band that melted faces with their incredible sound and undeniably vibrant energy on and off the stage, circa late 90's to mid 2000's. -Don't quote me on the exact dates as I didn't even have my fake ID yet. This story could potentially be saved for a whole other blog entry at some other time. -Would've been PERFECT for their reunion a few months ago with all the original members but I'm not savvy to make time to attend something that special, so no dice. Well, before I lose you, let's recap and check out how amazing the show was by looking at my shots from the night as the only seemingly sober person in the venue..., I didn't forget about Boots. Pretty much everything I've written about for this blog is Jesse-involved. Just read an older entry. OR let's gush about the gossip of Eagles of Death Metal rumored to play again some time this summer...that's all I know. I swear to god, I don't know much about it. Unless people are confusing the Boots Electric Band for the entire line-up? What WILL it take to resuscitate The EODM?! What would YOU do to bring them back for a raunchy performance? Stay tuned.