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Pics From the Bass Invaders Show, Majestic May 27, 2012

Like most people that were out enjoying their Sunday night with no work on Monday, I'm feeling more than a little tired today. Last night I took in the Bass Invaders show with EOTO, Lobounce, Madis One and Shadow Attack. It was a great show that started with a sparse crowd that grew in size as the night went on. Shadow Attack started the show with a DJ set, Madis One followed it with some truly unique hip hop and electronic music and Lobounce from Toronto played a spirited set of funky electronic music. EOTO closed out the night with some of the heaviest bass I have ever experienced. They came on at 1:15am and the crowd at this point was a sweaty, dancing mess of lovely folks that let the bass shake them until well past 3am.
Here's some photos I took of the musicians and crowd: