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PHOTOS: Blue Snaggletooth at Woodruffs YPSI bu SAMER

Blue Snaggletooth kicks off their spring tour at Woodruff's Bar in Ypsilanti and MCB Samer was there to catch all the action

Ypsilanti's Woodruff's Bar rocked hard last Wednesday with great music by local rockers Deniz Tek, Blue Snaggletooth and the Rainbow Family Vomit Band. 

Blue Snaggletooth opened with a relentless psychedelic hard rock act.  These days I take psychedelic rock to mean more harmonious music which strays away from being too noisy.  They delivered with two talented lead guitarists stringing melodies together with enough sense to never play over each other, a rare skill.  They also have one the better drummers I've seen on stage, who finished the show off with a ridiculous and awesome four minute solo.  Their spring tour is just starting and covers a range of cities in Michigan.

Anticipation at the show was high as Deniz Tek is something of a local hero in the punk rock scene and returned to his hometown after making a name for himself in Australia with band Radio Birdman.  Woodruff's Bar was a great host with a good acoustic and light setup and thankfully the bands kept waits between acts to a minimum.  The pants literally came off during Rainbow Family Vomit Band's opening act.

Check out Blue Snaggletooth any chance you get live and right here