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Quintron & Miss Pussycat - Cactus Club, Milwaukee

Quintron and Miss Pussycat took over the Cactus Club in Milwaukee on Sunday night.  From New Orleans, Quintron is a multi-instrumentalist; playing his custom organ with the car grill, working headlights and Louisiana license plate.  He also built and patented the Drum Buddy- a drum machine, light show, coffee can musical instrument and light show.  He is joined onstage by Miss Pussycat on vocals and maracas.  Qunitron’s latest album “Sucre du Sauvage” was recorded over four months at the New Orleans Museum of Art, recording in a studio that was accessible to all museum visitors.  The show began with a hipster puppet show featuring cute little animals who were trying to go to the moon or something like that.  Dracula would show up proclaiming he “wanted to suck their blood” and then heads blew off and there was screaming.  Think of a really inelegant cross between Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and Mr. Rogers on LSD with no budget to create the puppets.    I think they made it to the moon, everyone was happy and there was much rejoicing.  Then it was Quintron’s turn.  The second he sat behind the Hammond, hit the Drum Buddy, the crowd went crazy.  This was an organ groove, rock and roll swamp techno party.  Miss Pussycat jumped into the crowd, maracas in hand, and the dance party was in full swing.  By the time he got to “Jam Skate”, the Cactus Club was a sweaty mess.  It seemed no one cared they had to work the next day, they were just having a great time.