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MCB in Chicago - Amy Ray rocks Lincoln Hall by Derek Von Ecker

MCB Heads to Chi-Town for Folk/ Rock badass Amy Ray


Illustrations and write up by Derek Von Ecker

Concert pics provided by Chelsea Schneider


In the land of music today filled with all the gimmicks, glitter and auto tuned tracks, it was a great change of pace to see artist Amy Ray at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. Amy is by no means new to the music industry, with over 25 years in the biz she's also a member of the Grammy winning folk/rock group Indigo Girls who over the course of their career together have done it all including having four platinum records and selling over 12 million records. Even through all the Indigo Girls success Amy Ray is on her fourth solo studio album, and after what I saw last night it doesn't look as if she's looking to slow down anytime soon.


Her live performance left nothing back, Amy and her band kicked ass and and rocked their hearts out to music filled with heavy lyrics true to their soul. An avid supporter of the underdog Amy's music deals with war, love lost, and female empowerment.You have to respect Amy's ability after all these years to still be able to pump out engaging and insightful music without falling victim to molding into whatever is the next hot thing in music at the moment. And on a side note Amy is the only rocker I've ever seen go on stage with a puppy patterned shirt under a vest kick ass like nobody's business. I'll literally never look at puppy's the same ever again.


So the next time the badass Amy Ray machine rolls through your side of town be sure to check her out. You will not be disappointed.


- MCB Derek Von Ecker