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TOMORROW: Comic-Con: The Movie @ Magic Bag

While I LOVE the idea of Comic-Con, the reality of being there is a bit daunting -- that's 125,000 pop culture crazies packed into one little town! But put together one of my favorite documentary-makers, Morgan Spurlock; one of today's cleverest, best-loved writer/director/nerds, and now box-office-record-breaker Joss Whedon; and straight-up legend Stan Lee, to document the madness, and what you get has got to be almost better than being there yourself. You'll get your chance to check it out TOMORROW within the comfy confines of our own Magic Bag in Ferndale. 

Some of the most brilliant people currently in any business.

Thursday Night Brew & View
 May 31 - Doors 8pm - 21+ - $2

A Brew & View debut! A killer documentary from filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) about the behind the scenes happenings and the phenomena that is the Comic-Con convention in San Diego. Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen, Stan Lee and Seth Green are among the many featured Comic-Con fans interviewed.