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Motor City Comic Con Recap

I had a great time at Motor City Comic Con this weekend hanging with movie stars, buying comics and taking pictures of cosplayers. Saturday was packed with rabid comic and pop culture fans, so many in fact it was hard to make it down the aisles. That didn't stop me from spending some time with actor James Duval who stars in a crazy movie called Sushi Girl out soon. I also talked with Dotcom from 30 Rock, a really funny comedian that is taking part in as many comic cons as he can. Local band, I Love Lightning Bugs, had a booth selling their latest CD "Kensington" and a their just released comic book.
Here's a slideshow of pictures that I took to the show, you'll spot me in a few of them. I'd apologize for being partial to cute girl cosplayers but I'm hoping no apologies should be necessary. See you back at MCCC in 2013!

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