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"Culture Vultures with Dirk Belligerent & McHatin" Premiering on Raw Radio X!

Join hosts Dirk Belligerent and McHatin as they pick over the remains of pop-nerd-media culture with their inimitable style and wit at, Thursdays 9-11 pm EST, also on the Tune In Radio app.

The tl;dr Version: Fast-paced discussion and banter about movies, TV, videogaming, comics, music and whatever else is on our minds.

Extended Dance Mix Version: Voted Worst Cop-Buddy Team by the United Nations Security Council for the past five years, the Dynamic/Dastardly/Dashing/Dapper/Deadly/Dyspeptic/Dudely (pick however many) Duo of Dirk Belligerent and McHatin are bringing their unique perspective on stuff and nonsense to Raw Radio X to pick over the remains of pop-nerd culture with their weekly show Culture Vultures. Tin foil can’t stop the signal!

Born in New York City and raised in Detroit and Highland Park, Dirk is the most dangerous man alive and you should probably just give him your money before he gets cranky. Career placement testing in high school discovered he was best suited for a career as a “wacky next door neighbor on a sitcom,” but seeing as there are no locally-produced sitcoms (unless you count the Detroit City Council), he has spent his entire work life not doing porn or eating free pizza. DAMMIT!

A bon vivant about town, a witty raconteur, and a man who is wondering how the hell John Mayer keeps snagging all those AAA-grade babes when he’s a walking feminine hygiene product, Dirk is looking forward to taking to the virtual airwaves because it will finally allow the illiterate to enjoy/suffer (pick both) his wit and wisdom. Or whatever.

McHatin is believed to have been born in a Shaolin temple as two-thirds of a set of triplets born several years apart or so the legend goes as told by the hobo hanging out in front of the party store. Differing from Dirk in that he actually finishes the games he plays, reads the books and watches the movies he has, he has been on a lifelong spiritual quest to convince Lucy Liu that she really doesn’t know what she’s missing, girl.

Simultaneously credited for founding the League of Nations and breaking up the Justice League of America, McHatin possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of so many things that Google has been know to “McHatin it.” This and $5 will get him coffee at Starbucks. Laid back to the point of being almost supine, he believes in going with the flow or going out with Flo from the insurance commercials or both.

Joined together by a shared belief in truth, justice, and that “I ain’t leaving until he pays back that twenty he borrowed until ‘next payday’ which was in 2007, dammit!” Dirk & McHatin will fill your ears with mirth, merriment, and probably something that will wake you up in the middle of the night, roiled with despair and arousal. Please, no gifts of farm animals.

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