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Show Preview: Watsky Blind Pig, Monday April 8

A year ago I was searching around Youtube and came across this cat Watsky that could string words together at an unbelievable pace. I wasn't quite ready to call it music yet but I could see the guy had talent. Checking back on Watsky today it looks like he's made good on his words. He's released his first studio album, "Cardboard Castles" and has what looks like a few dozen videos now on Youtube, all with hundreds of thousands of downloads. His rap style has some Eminem in it along with themes more in line with the nerdcore rapping of  MC Frontalot and MC Chris. 
Watsky will be bringing his skills to the Blind Pig on Monday April 8, in a show that has already sold out performances in New York. Playing along with Watsky will be Dumbfounded.