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ART OPENING: DETROIT: The Geometry of Time - Museum of New Art (MONA) - May 18, Saturday from 6-10pm

DETROIT: The Geometry of Time

The great imitator, art like life seems to repeat itself.

However the past is porous, entirely dependent for meaning on the experience of the present. 
Our understanding of cultural memory is also constantly reshaped by the present, and so never truly repeated either.

Detroit: The Geometry of Time affirms that, within recent artistic practices, interest lies in observing the mechanisms of this reinterpretation. The physicality of much of today's art is an active reconfiguration of the past, replaying known events and strategies while positing a "truer" version that is more in sync with current life.

Unconnected artists are breaking ever larger chunks of “history” into their work: the bending of form and genre, the lure and blur of the real itself, of the old with new.

The questions this exhibition explore play out constantly around those of us who live and create art in Detroit, and the Geometry of Time is a rigorous reframing of what we imagine to be urban truth and memory combined.

Bruce Giffin
Bryant Tillman
Jef Bourgeau

opening: May 18, Saturday from 6-10pm
Museum of New Art (MONA), 7 North Saginaw, Pontiac
telephone: 855-DET-MONA