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Show Preview: Dessa Pike Room, Thursday, May 16

Dessa is one of those artists who constantly challenge themselves to expand and redefine the constructs that set out to confine their music. While you could refer to Dessa as a rap artist and part of the Doomtree collective, she is so much more than just that. Dessa has taken her vocal abilities and musical intellect to create hip hop that transcends categorization, adding strings, poetry and singing to her melancholic grooves. Her last tour was described as part rap and part cabaret. With her latest record “Castor, Twin,” Dessa continues smash down boundaries with new arrangements of 10 of her previously released songs. Songs like “The BeeKeeper” are haunting renditions that feature piano and strings. Her vocals are at full strength as she combines a narrative style to her singing reveals shades of Lou Reed in her darker moments. Dessa brings her unique set to the Pike Room this Thursday along with Aby Wolf and local hip hop favorites Passalacqua.