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The Breeders  The Majestic Theater 17
FUN was the feeling of the night. It had infected everyone. The crowd was giddy with anticipation.
The band had fun too. Smiling the whole night. Bouncing around and dancing, smiling the whole night.
The crowd was mixed. There were people that were fans from before to kids waiting to see them from the first time. I even seen a family with their kids. It was a long night for the little ones, they went to sleep. Very cute.
I was a radio fan of the Breeders, but after this show, I'm more than a radio fan. I will be getting some of their music. I had a fun evening with The Breeders. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a semi regular tour. I know I and the crowd would be happy to see the Breeders every so often.
Enjoy the photos.
The Breeders @ The Majestic Theater-9 The Breeders @ The Majestic Theater-14 The Breeders @ The Majestic Theater-15 The Breeders @ The Majestic Theater-16

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