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Kobra and the Lotus 26
I was blown away by Kobra and the Lotus. They lived up to the standard set by their cd. This is a band to watch.
I got a copy of their cd a couple of weeks before the show. Inspired from the heyday of NWOBHM, I was taken back to when I first got into metal. So, the cd set a high standard that seemed hard to live up too. Kobra and the Lotus took it to another level. Kobra Paige's voice is more than strong enough to hit the high notes and sustain the low growls. The band has the chops to play.
Kobra Paige's first concert, Judas Priest, is what inspired her to pursue her path into music and metal. Taking her cues from the heyday of metal and adding her mark, you will be taken on a heavy metal journey. Songs of fighting inner demons will be your guide. The band has the same inspiration which results in a tight knit heavy metal for a new generation.
Enjoy the photos:
Kobra and the Lotus-21 Kobra and the Lotus-7 Kobra and the Lotus-18 Kobra and the Lotus-23

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