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FREE ALBUM: AMSTERTROIT by StereoBoyz & Soul Daad

Stereo Boyz present

Free LP: SDSC ( Soul Daad & Stereo Crew) 


SDSC (Soul Daad & Stereo Crew) - Amstertroit (cover)
Today Stereo Crew & Soul Daad release their free LP "AMSTERTROIT". As the title hints, this album is a result of Detroit and Amsterdam collaborating.
Stereo Boyz & Stereo Crew teamed up with Amsterdam's Soul Daad recently to produce and record "Amstertroit". The two teams of MCs and Producers first met on Twitter, exchanging beats and ideas. Amazed by the undeniable talent coming from overseas, the Stereo Boyz picked 3 beats by Soul Daad members Gianski & Bolle for their upcoming album "Carz, Clubz & Theaterz".
During their recent Europe Tour, the Stereo Boyz met the Soul Daad crew in person for the first time, and after a whole week in their Amsterdam headquarters, "AMSTERTROIT" was born. The LP consists of production and vocals from both crews, bilingual raps and great chemistry.
Mixo says: "We wanted to show a unity with this project, a unity in Hip Hop that, it seems, has been forgotten. This is positivity. This shows you that Hip Hop brings people together, and no language barriers or far distance can stop it."
"AMSTERTROIT" is now available for free download. Look out for the video to "Ooh La La", dropping in three weeks.

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About Stereo Crew

The Stereo Crew is a collective of artists around the group Stereo Boyz, including Producers, MCs, singers and Filmmakers who all work together and come from Detroit, MI.
The members of the Stereo Crew will be musically introduced through different projects all throughout 2012 and 2013.
Find more info on Soul Daad here: