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DO NOT MISS Public Days CCS Student Exhibition Opening 2013

There are not many events that can hold my interest year after year such as the Center for Creative Studies Annual Student Exhibition Opening.  And 2013 was not a disappointment.  There were many recognizable names throughout the halls of returning students displaying their stronger more pronounced visions but once again we were drawn to the newcomers, the freshmen who seemed to scream out of the gate demanding their voices be heard.


MCB arrived fashionably early (as we always do) so we could slip in and wander freely before the masses arrived making it nearly impossible to hear yourself think over the crowd noise let alone take in all the great work unencumbered and without interruptions.  After a quick check-in to visit without friends working the media booth we made our way up to the 11th Floor VIP Room to grab a drink and quick bite to eat.  Once properly sauced we were ready to purchase some art and headed over to one of the many staffers to get setup with an SEO purchasing account which allowed us to roll, pick, point and purchase the across all 4 floors.


After sequencing our way from the top to the bottom over a couple hours we found ourselves to be the new owners of many fine pieces and just in time as the general public had made its way into our field. 


This was our cue to move on and we decided to stop back in at Northern Lights for a few extras before heading off to Inner Street Gallery for the Glenn Barr opening.


The CCS SEO will be open to the public for free viewing through May 31st 2013

Saturday through Wednesday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Thursday and Friday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Take the time and go check out over 3,500 pieces of great artwork by young detroiters!