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Show Preview; Autumn Wolf, Casio Choir, Erno the Inferno & Alexis Fri., May 31, Magic Bag

Autumn Wolf's preforming and having a record release party tomorrow at the Magic Bag. I caught Autumn Wolf there a few months ago opening up for Flashclash, and really dug what I experienced. Autumn Wolf's music is a multi-dimensional mix of synths and electronics that feature songs that fit both the DJ set and indie synth scene. He's got beats and he sings too! His EP is called Primal Passion and will be available at the show.
In addition to Autumn Wolf there are three other artists that will make the night memorable as well. Casio Choir is a band fresh on the scene that plays rocking synth music. Erno the Inferno is one of my local favorite DJs that always plays a smooth mix packed with dance tracks. Also, on the bill and traveling from Grand Rapids is Alexis a synth-pop duo that have already released a couple of excellent EP's. Tickets are only $5 and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the preservation of Michigan's wolf population.