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The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit

The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit is an album consisting of 11 tracks by 11 different acts in the Detroit music scene.  Each band was recorded on 1/4” analog tape and then pressed onto vinyl at Archer Records, Detroit.

The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit first started when Lee Majors and Joshua Woodcock compiled a set of bands to record a project in the vein of the Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit, which was recorded and produced by Jack White.  They spoke to Jack White and Ben Blackwell for advice and started the recording process.

The talent in Detroit is great and picking bands to include was difficult, but in the end 11 acts were chosen to be featured on the album.  The bands all recorded in Detroit using the same recording equipment, and almost everything heard on the album, outside of vocals, was cut live.  The recording process lasted from August 2012 to March 2013, and in that time each of the bands came in and recorded one of their favorite songs for the album.

The Ashley’s, fronted by Tom Bahorski, open up the album with their riffy “Blonde Anita.”  Next are The ILL Itches, a Detroit garage band, with their song “Hallelujah.”  The Boy Wonders, a costumed 2-piece with a penchant for fighting crime, recorded their song “Living in France.”  Next, Citizen Smile recorded “People I’ve Done Wrong,” an atmospheric song with a deep message.  Closing out side A of the record are The HandGrenades with the song “Her Eyes,” full of their now infamous harmonies and catchy melodies.  Opening up side B of the Pathetic Sounds of Detroit are new-comers Nam Kook & the Typhoon, fronted by Hounds Below and Patrick Davy & the Ghosts member Adam Padden, with their song “Don’t Think Less of Me.”  The second track features The Bad Mics with one of the most energetic songs on the album, “I Feel Good.”  Punk-Grunge band Hit Society provided the fast-paced, “She Said,” while recent Detroit Music Award Winners White Shag rocked out their song, “Not Me.”  Patrick Davy & the Ghosts, a fixture in the current Detroit music scene, recorded their song, “It’s Never Easy,” and the talented Emily Rose closed out the album with the beautifully sung “Funfair,” which she recorded in one take.

The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit will be released on June 8th, 2013, at PJ’s Lager House in Detroit Michigan.  10 of the acts will play on 2 stages, and the $7 entrance fee will include a copy of the 12” vinyl.
The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit - Quick Guide

What it is:
The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit is an album exclusive recordings of up and coming Detroit acts that will be released on vinyl and for download. Unlike other compilations which simply compile previous recordings by the bands involved, all the bands recorded on the same recording equipment, with the same producer, and share a cohesive sound.

The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit was first started as a followup to Jack White's The Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit, a 2001 compilation that achieved great acclaim. It featured many of the biggest up and coming bands, including The White Stripes, The Von Bondies, and The Detroit Cobras. It was recorded on analog tape in Jack White's house specifically for the recording and released on Sympathy for the Record Industry. It continues to be a topic of music fans both in Detroit and as far away as Europe, where people continue to seek the hard-tofind original release.

The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit started first with an extensive look at the localmusic scene over the summer of 2012. Bands were selected from these shows and approached to be a apart of this compilation. Recording began in August 2012 and ended in March 2013. Bands came into the studio and recorded live onto 1/4" analog reel to reel tape. Those recordings were then mixed onto tape and the final mixings sent to Detroit's Archer Record Pressing to be pressed onto vinyl. We received help and support from Third Man Record's Jack White and Ben Blackwell during the process, and the compilation was named by Ben Blackwell.  The entire process was filmed and promotional videos and interviews will be released up to the album release and after it.
The goal of the project has always been to give talented local bands in Detroit more exposure and to also promote other Detroit bands to extend out of their normal comfort zone by working together with new ideas.

The Name:
The album was coined by Ben Blackwell, and he believed it would be ironic while also paying homage to the original Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit Album.

June 8th, 2013 at PJ's Lager House. The release show will feature most of the bands featured on the compilation, and their $7 entrance fee will allow them to see the show and also receive a copy of the vinyl 12" album with download code.

Track Listing
Side A
The Ashleys - “Blonde Anita”
The ILL Itches - “Hallelujah”
The Boy Wonders - “Living in France”
Citizen Smile - “People I’ve Done Wrong”
The HandGrenades - “Her Eyes”

Side B
Nam Kook & the Typhoon - “Don’t Think Less of Me”
The Bad Mics - “I Feel Good”
Hit Society - “She Said”
White Shag - “Not Me”
Patrick Davy & the Ghosts - “It’s Never Easy”
Emily Rose - “Funfair