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BassMent Rock-a-Boogie Live Review

BassMent Rock-a-Boogie

Presented By Churchouse

The Oasis Pub in Windsor was in full of life last Friday night. 
Admittedly, I'm not much of a country fan, but theses guys & gals put on a fantastic show. Doghouse Rose is  a charismatic group from London, Ontario. Their music is based mainly on country with a mixture of folk and some old school rock'n roll. The band puts on a spirited and lively performance. It was obvious the second they hit the stage that they where there to have fun and to put on a great show. 
The stand up bass has always been just plane "cool" and even more so when it's being flung skillfully around in mid air and being used as a prop by both Sarah and Jefferson.
Openers for the night consisting of , Ryan Lewis from the band Better Weather (Windsor), and Blackwood Honeybees from London did a great job especially considering they were booked at the last minute, literally! The headliners for the evening Doghouse Rose posted a msg on their facebook page asking for openers. 
The originally scheduled openers, Jessica Danfield and The Greasemarks had to cancel due to a death in the family and the other due to illness.

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