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Motor City Comic Con 2013

This year’s Motor City Comic Con stormed into town over the weekend with comic and pop culture fans plundering and pillaging all over the Suburban Collection Showplace.  I was there all three days having an incredible time hanging with the comic artists, digging through long boxes, meeting celebrities and taking pics of cosplayers. Here’s some of my highlights from the weekend:

While I didn’t get there until 5pm on Friday, the aisles were open enough that I was able to freely explore artist alley and hang out with a few friends. I talked with Alex Winter from Bill & Ted fame who is releasing a documentary on illegal downloading this summer. I also met Dina Meyer from Starship Troopers, one of my favorite Sci-Fi films, who also starred in some of my favorite TV shows like 90210 (both versions), Criminal Minds and the little known but very good Point Pleasant. I even stopped by horror makeup artist Tom Savini and talked to him about his role as the shop teacher in The Perks of Being A Wallflower.
Me with Alex Winter

Saturday was INSANE! Traffic was backed up for miles to get in and the line was wrapped around the building. I parked over a mile away and walked to the Expo center. If you want to know what all the chaos was about, one name says it all: Stan Lee. I talked to people who were in line for more than 5 hours to get their pic and an autograph with Stan Lee. Of course several hundred others were there to meet Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead. The hall was so crowded I had trouble just walking down the aisles. I spent most of my time at speaker panels, which in past years was downplayed, this year there were a number of good panels to attend. 

Norman Reedus

Sunday I came back with my daughter and used this day to get some of those gaps in my comic collection filled. While still busy for a Sunday, the aisles were easier to walk through and there was still a lot of fun left to be had. Having gone to MCCC for the past several years I have to put this year’s con as the best yet. Even battling through crowds I found the show was well organized and the staff did a great job handling the tens of thousands that attended.

Last, but certainly not least, cosplayers were in full display each day:

You can see all the cosplay photos here: 

This post by Mikel O.D. of  MPAD Media