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Mary cotter/ johnny LZR/ Gwen Joy ART SHOW on june 7th at 555 Gallery in Detroit

      • Cover Photo

        • Opening Show
          Friday, June 7th 6 PM - 2 AM (music at 9)
          With musical performances by
          The Adrays
          The Creepos
          Flatland Star
          Cosmic Light Shapes
          21+ $5 donation

          Closing Reception in conjunction with Third Thursdays art crawl
          June 20th 6 - 9 PM

          555 Nonprofit Gallery & Studios
          2801 W. Vernor Hwy. | Detroit, MI 48216
          (888) 496 - ARTS |
          Gallery Hours TTh 2 - 5 PM Sat 11 - 3 PM & By Appointment

          Once upon a time there was a prison. You know, a cage. And these tricky rules used by police plodding and pacing and plotting and erasing. Black and white ink blotting and faking. Cover ups and lockups. Got stuck up. Business as usual. Straight jail bars. Pinstripe suits. Black and white. Bread and water. Dispatch radio coming through monotone. Just static. Stale coffee. The chains and the locks.

          But they couldn’t arrest us all

          Then new sheriffs came to town. And they didn’t mind the left behind. They came in colors with brushes and palettes - flavors, sweet and spicy. Paints to patch the cracks. Swirling strokes in that primordial ooze of new life up against the wall. Guitars and drums. Songs fill the walls and shake the old paint right off. Boys in blues. Gave meaning to our cells. Home-cooked these rhythms and sugar melodies. Different skin over the old bones. So make room for the new - where the shoes are shined with sweat and love and gin and the struggles of the old houses are turned to paint for the new.

          You may hear a note touched as a brushstroke
          You may hear a beat and feel it as a sculpture
          You may hear a lyric and see its colors
          - Tony Paris