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Friday: His Name is Alive / Legendary Creatures


His Name is Alive, 20th Anniversary Event
w/ Legendary Creatures, and Golden
Friday, May 20th, at The Magic Stick
$15, doors at 8, all ages

His Name is Alive celebrates 20 years going strong and Legendary Creatures celebrates the release of their debut EP, Bonfires. Golden opens the show.

The first 200 people in the door will receive a copy of Legendary Creatures' new Bonfires on CD. The first 100 people will also receive a double LP copy of HNIA's remastered and reissued 1993 release "King of Sweet".

I did a brief interview with Warn Defever. If you can call this an interview. Maybe more of a short dialoge. Well, whatever, here it is:
Detroit Area Dork: Two years ago I was at an HNIA show at the UFO factory. It was called the last HNIA show, and you gave away the last of the band's merchandise (I even walked away with a free CD). So I was pleasantly surprised when HNIA was schedule to play at Arts Beats and Eats last summer. What happened?

Warn:  Ha-ha. I'm not always the best communicator, and probably meant to express that it was Andry's last show at least for awhile. That was her going away party when she moved to LA. Since then we did a bunch of west coast shows and "headlined the 89x stage" at Arts Beats and Eats last summer. We usually play Detroit once or twice a year, we don't want people getting too sick of our simplistic songs, and usually that gives us enough time to come up with new in-between-song jokes.

D: I figured since you gave everything away, that it was quits for good. Then at the end of the Arts Beats and Eats show you had more merchandise to sell. I couldn't figure out if you guys did a complete 180, or if you all don't really care if you come out ahead on merchandise. Anyways, does Andrea still live in L.A.?

W: I'm pretty bad at "merch" conceptualization. We'll be giving away tons of stuff on friday and the first hundred people get a free album too. Andrea still lives in L.A., yes.

D: Do you miss performing more often?

W: We like to choose our shows carefully. We want every event to be special. Japanese tours are the funnest. London is probably where we have the most hardcore fans who notice when the lyrics got changed from "midnight moonlight" to "midnight cowboy", or when the intro is four bars long on the album and we extend it four extra bars live. I always associate New York shows with really good food, and I feel like people there listen more to the stories I tell in between songs. We still get a lot of airplay in Canada, so the crowds there tend to be more mainstream normal citizens, not the usual creeps and total weirdos we get in the US. There's not too many cities I would want to play more than once a year. We've only played New Orleans a few times, and it's probably the city I love best after Detroit. I usually can't look at the audience when I play but in New Orleans, it's kind of like Detroit. People look familiar and you can see the swirling whirlpools of insanity behind their eyes.... Would I want to play more often? I don't think so, I want to keep it fresh.

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