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THIS WKEND: Grand Opening of The Rust Belt Market

As the DIY, crafting and artisan communities continue to spread online, it's especially exciting any time enough time, talent and ducats gather together to bring unique offerings into the real world, to be touched, tasted and BOUGHT.

This weekend ushers the grand opening of the spanky-new Rust Belt Market in that great big corner building in Ferndale. Go, smell, support, spend.

May 7-8, 2011
22801 Woodward Avenue
Ferndale, MI
48220 USA

Ever wish that Etsy existed offline? So did we.

Enter the Rust Belt Market, a year-round market exclusively providing an affordable brick-and-mortar venue to the local artistic community.

Our mission is to provide artists, indie designers and collectors with an indoor weekend marketplace to create, exhibit, sell, and interact with peers and community amongst a mod environment-fostering the success of local talent in an outsourced and mass-production-fueled economy.

Whether it be Etsy, annual art fairs, small galleries, or local retail, hawking goods and selling indie art/handicraft has been strategic and often complex. While all of these outlets are necessary and important to local commerce and culture, a year-round, weekly, living, eclectic market that upholds high merchandise standards while building community has been a non-existent venue in this great state.

The Rust Belt Market will simply breathe new-life into a primitive concept. Farmers have Farmers Markets and people selling VHS tapes and Chinese-made toys have flea markets. Our atmosphere will be one of camaraderie with fellow creators and the independent cool. Only local indie music will fill your ears and yields of local foodies will fill your belly.