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Review: Cosmo Jarvis "Sure As Hell Not Jesus" EP

Cosmo Jarvis is an interesting 20-something artist that boasts he’s already written over 300 songs. Unfortunately, there is only 4 of them on his new ep “Sure As Hell Not Jesus”. While CJ has spend most his life in Devon, UK, he was actually born here in the US, but by listening to him, I don’t think anyone would mistake him for an American. You can hear a bit of the British accent in his singing and his topics just don’t seem to be what young American’s are singing about these days. The first track “Sure As Hell Not Jesus” about a devotional love for something that is shameful, (see video above), for a taboo subject, Cosmo sings in a mostly playful maybe even gleeful way. “What’s Wrong With Betty” is a short number with a grand opening that is one part of a 4 part epic. The next track “Road Closed” is a more somber number and the EP closes with “Why Do Angels Cry,” sporting a reggae shuffle beat changing to a rocking chorus that reminds me of some better 70’s rock.

You can look at this EP 2 ways, if you’re curious about Cosmo Jarvis, this will give you a pretty good idea what you’re in for in just 4 tracks. If you’re already in the CJ camp you may just want to wait his full length album later this year. And, if you aren't interested in either, check into his videos because he’s also a director with some good sense at telling a story in under six minutes.