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Wild At Heart - day late, dollar short

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Monday is a day that started out great that fell apart for me. I decided to go see Hank & the Cupcakes (if my pictures came out, you'll see them later) in concert at a local venue called the Bug Jar. The show was listed as an early show and since I thought I had to be at work at 7AM, I decided to go since some online songs by the band rocked. I got there at 8PM and the show was supoosed to start at 8:30. Even the door guy told me the band would go on at 10:20 so I thought I was in good shape. 8:30 came and went and the bands were just setting up. A little after 9:30 the first band went on and at this point I was getting a bit anxious. While the first band, "The Dads" had a nice sound and the second "Stereophone" just annoyed me (probably because I wanted the headliner to hit the stage). They finally did at 11:30 and since I had to be in bed by midnight to get enough sleep, I only got to hear three songs before I had to tear out of there. The band sounded great but it is hard for me to enjoy a show that I know I can't stay until the end (or at least the encore). I wish the door guy had known they were running late because I might have just left and headed home. Things were made worse when I got to work and found I had the wrong schedule and was supposed to be here at 6:30 added insult to injury. So I missed the majority of the headliner and showed up for work (there is no way I would have done the show at all if I knew I had to be in at 6:30. I hate it when days start like this. I hope everyone else's day is going better and I'm pissed because I blew a 15 year perfect attendence record and I take pride in that (I might show up late when meeting friends, but I take pride in getting to work on time). The main thing this gets me on also is that when working in a small club, someone should know what time the band starts and if there are delays. More communication folks!

Here are some shows that you might want to check out this week (and hopefully they will be on time):

Tuesday (5/31) - 4th Street Farm Benefit feat Audra Kubat and Noman (free but ask for donation) @ Magic Stick

Wednesday (6/01) - Coco Montoya @ Callahans, Gaelic Storm @ the Ark

Thursday (6/02) - Raphael Saadiq @ St Andrews Hall, Brian Vander Ark @ Liberty Plaza (Ann Arbor)

Friday (6/03) - The Maine and Augustana @ Clutch Cargos, Amy Gore and the Fondas @ Magic Stick Lounge, Stewart Francke @ Callahans

Saturday (6/04) - Panic! At The Disco @ Fillmore, Robyn @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, Detroit Derby Girls after party w/ Orbitsuns (free w/Derby Ticket) @ Magic Stick, Charlie Davis (of the Contours) and Vandellas @ Crofoot, Martina McBride @ Ceasars Windsor, Otep @ Harpos

Monday (6/06) - Ray LaMontagne and Brandi Carlile @ Meadowbrook Theatre