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Square Pegz Play It Up At Bayside Sports Grille

Hello there, I'm Mikel O.D., a new regular contributor at MCB, you might know me from my Most People Are DJs podcast, if you don't you should check it out! Last night, after the great flood of 2011 had dissipated, I made my way out to Bayside Grille in Walled Lake to check out The Square Pegz. As somebody who actually grew up in the 80s, my love for everything 80s runs deep, especially the music. The Square Pegz have been playing around the area for the past couple years but something always came up that kept me from making their show. Which may have also been the case for a lot of others last night because it was a pretty scant crowd. I'm glad I made it, because the Square Pegz put on a great and entertaining show. With a versatile vocalist, Cindy Lish goes from my favorite new wave tracks like Nena's "99 Red Balloons" to more mainstream dance tracks like Madonna's "Vogue". They played three sets with each one upping the party vibe. The surprise for me was a loud but competent cover of the Beastie Boys "Brass Monkey" featuring Keyboardist "Ruby Red" doing her best Mike D. impression. The good news for those who missed it is the Square Pegz are playing Bayside every Wednesday night, if you want a preview of their show just check out the video.