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TONIGHT at Small's - Call It Karma 8pm

Call It Karma
W/ Special Guest-Call It Fiction( OH)
A Hero's Fate (FL)
Swing For The Fences

Doors- 8pm
Tix- $6.00 at door
All Ages!

Call It Karma and A Hero's Fate are on a mine tour through Michigan- So come and check them out
A Hero's Fate- (check them out on comcast on demand- Bury Your Dead video)
Biography: We're A Hero's Fate from Orlando, Florida. We're not rockstars, saints, martyrs, or heroes, despite our name. We're just regular guys navigating the sea of life and trying to understand it all through music, making friends and enemies along the way. Since late 2007 we've been writing songs to keep us together, crafting our message of friendship, betrayal, self-doubt, and zombies. Over the years we've made new friends around the good old U.S. of A., from packed rooms in Illinois, to three people in a smoky Knoxville bar and countless nights of nobody but our close friends. It doesn't matter to us, we still fight the good fight on stage with every note, kick, and strum. Sometimes we fight each other, sometimes we throw things, slam fists, and run off in fits of rage, but we always forgive and move on because we've got work to do bringing you new songs day after day. After all, keeping you entertained is what keeps us sane and we love you for that. That's right, we love you a whole lot. So let's cut the crap, slap a couple of high-fives and go have some fun before we die.