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PHOTOS: CCS Student Art Preview

MCB was invited to preview the 86th Annual Center for Creative Studies Student Art Exhibition and as usual the event did not disappoint. The obvious reason for spending the $350 per ticket to preview the show before the public is the chance to snag some amazing artwork by some of the motorcity's most promising up and comers.

This years show was once again located at the recently completed A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education in the New Center area just off Woodward and Grand.

After checking in with our pals from CCS the four of us started at the 11th Floor Fine Arts and worked our way down taking in all that was offered. We discovered a few private VIP receptions and spoke with many donors and foundation movers and shakers as we enjoyed the culinary benefits delights of the various sponsors. I am always down for free beer and food but the VIP Party spread located in the wood / metal shop classroom was top of the line.

Back to the seemingly endless spiral of amazing photos and sculpture and
paintings with a splattering of cool drinks and fine finger food samplings
on each level.

Around 7pm the place lit up quickly as the "commoners" were released into the building. Soon afterwards the live music from the various bands on each level could barely be heard over the echoing arthouse chatter that escalated and lingered for the next few hours. By 9pm I had purchased 4 pieces of artwork and missed out on 2 in particular that I really wanted - in fact one was tagged purchased as I was standing in front of it pondering the decision to break out the MCB credit card. (Laura Romanowski's "TALLSPOTS" Beeswax on Wood)

Other notables from me personally were:
Sarah Bromley's "PRIDE"
Michelle Tanquay's "NEON"
Nicole Hamborsky
Kayle Kopke
Kiki Keller
Danielle Stulas
Sebastian Gomez de la Tome
Allison gardener
Mayl Li

Afterwards the MCB crew spilled out onto Baltimore and headed to Northern Lights Lounge to meet a few pals who had attended the CCS preview to discuss and compare our individual takes on the night.

Do not miss your chance to catch this art show....there are some amazing talented students at CCS. Get down and buy some work to support the arts ....the exhibition will be open and free to the public for the next 2 weeks.