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Recap: Thunderdrome II

On April 30, Thunderdrome II took place at the rediscovered and rehabilitated velodrome at Dorais Park

The second installment of Thunderdrome happened over the span of a Sunday afternoon, and I showed up in time to see the last of the moped races.

My favorite moment would have to be the dizzy moped race. The racers all intentionally made themselves dizzy before jumping on their mopeds. I'm surprised there were no immediate accidents. Instead what happened was that a few laps later two mopeds would sideswipe each other, resulting in one racer wiping out. I'm pretty sure he ended being relatively okay.

The fuzz showed up to see what all the noise was, and there was concern amongst the crowd that the event might get shut down. Word is, the official police response was "awesome".

The next Thunderdrome event in Detroit will be held on September 10th. If you want to win your own moped on that day, check out their Thundersticker competition.

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